Books I'm Glad Hollywood has the rights to

Books that I’m glad Hollywood has the rights to

Tonight I will talk about a list of novels that I’m glad Hollywood is going to make into a TV show and a movie. Much of the information is from authors I’ve done Q&A’s with, and some from Instagram and Facebook posts, and from entertainment news media. This might be news to you or it might not.


The Neverending Story by Michael Ende is being rebooted. While it is rumored that Disney has the rights to”The Neverending Story,” that is not the case. “The Neverending Story,” is in the middle of a bidding war with various streamers in Europe and America both. Here is the link here . I know the children’s film that is based off of the novel is a 1980s classic; however Michael Ende was not impressed with the product. Hopefully since time has evolved and with great special effects and the estate having some say in it, Hollywood will make the second time the way Ende would have wished. In the future I plan on reading the book and watching the movie and I will do a book vs. adaptation review. I just put the novel on hold at the library. When the reboot airs I will do another book vs. adaptation review.


The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Anderson is being made into a new musical movie by Disney. Only the movie will not be named The Princess and the Pea, the working title will be Penelope. Here is the link to that info here . I’m excited that a new fairytale is being made into a movie since we’ve seen countless fairytale adaptations of Snow White, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast. It’s time to do different fairytales in Europe, Asia, The Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. If any of my readers plan on going on Jeopardy and has a fairytale section, if they ask who wrote “The Princess and the Pea,” remember its Hans Christian Anderson who also wrote “The Little Mermaid” and “The Snow Queen.”   


 The Fallen Series by Lauren Kate is in talks into being made into a TV series. They did make a movie and released it in 2017 but it either wasn’t released in America or it was in select theaters which I found odd. Regardless seeing Luce and Daniel’s romance in a TV series would make more sense. We can see flashbacks of Luce’s past lives with her romance with Daniel. Plus it’ll be awesome to see an angel human romance. I was into the angels way more than the vampires. Here is the link to our Q&A where we spoke about the talks being made into the series as well as her novels and such. .


Tokyo Vice has been renewed by HBO Max for season 2. That isn’t entirely new news since I found out about this in June with the link here . I had way too much fun geeking out about fan theories about what the shows next season would cover. I hope Miyamoto and Sato survived. I also hope the show covers Jake becoming a husband and father, and the murders of Carita Ridgeway and Lucie Blackman by serial rapist and killer Joji Obara. Jake posted on his Instagram last month that filming for season 2 will start this fall. I cannot wait to watch season 2 in the spring to see what happens. Also of course with “Tokyo Private Eye,” coming out in 2023 the show will have a lot of material to go on so I would be shocked if they ended the show after season 2.


The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine is being made in a film for Netflix I loved the novel and the shocking twists and turns I did not see coming at all. Liv Constantine is the pen name for sisters and writing partners Lynne and Valerie Constantine and they are both executive producers and have seen the script and loved it. Here is the link to my Q&A speaking with Lynne under her LC Shaw name. We talk about “The Last Mrs. Parrish,” as well as other projects the sisters are doing both together and solo. .


Most of Kristin Harmel’s novels are optioned by Hollywood. Kristin told me in her Q&A which I posted on the blog yesterday, that Hollywood does have the rights to most of her books though there hasn’t been any filming or casting yet. Kristin hopes however that we find out more news soon. I definitely see “The Room on Rue Amelie,”and “The Book Of Lost Names,” becoming a big screen movie casting a mix of known and unknown actors. “The Sweetness of Forgetting,” I picture being a movie for Netflix. Here is Kristin and mine’s Q&A link here .


 A Gentlemen in Moscow as we’ve known for a while is being made into a series. Previously it was supposed to be a 16 episode series for Apple TV and Kenneth Branagh was to play Count Alexander Rostov. That information has now changed. This time around Ewan McGregor will play the Count. We don’t know why Kenneth is no longer playing the count, but I assume it’s due to his busy schedule. Kenneth is playing Hercule Poirot in the Agatha Christie films about him and he has a movie about British Prime Minister Boris Johnson coming out in a few months. I loved the novel so much and I love the characters. I can’t wait to see who they cast to play Anna Urbanova, Nina and Nina’s daughter Sofia who Count Rostov becomes a guardian to. The show will be on Showtime/Paramount. Showtime and Paramount + will become one streaming platform. It seems to be the popular thing anymore. Regardless I can’t wait! .


This Time Tomorrow by Emma Straub is a time traveling novel and the important lessons about enjoying the present moment and that everything happens for a reason. I love that it’s getting an adaptation. I can’t wait to see who they cast and how well they do the story. I wrote a review gushing over it back in May. Here is the newsletter of me talking about it.  My favorite quote from “This Time Tomorrow,” was from the guidance counselor speaking to the 16 year old version of Alice. Our choices in life matter but most are not permanent face tattoos. That quote is so unforgettable and true because it proves that while choices are important they aren’t the end all and that its never too late to have a new goal and a new dream in life. It also proves that sometimes what we planned doesn’t always work out or we change our minds and that’s okay. Things happen for a reason. I can’t wait to see this play out on screen.