Tokyo Vice Renewed for Season 2!

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Tokyo Vice Renewed for Season 2

I know I’m late to the party blogging about this but Tokyo Vice based on the novel by Jake Adelstien has been renewed for a second season by HBO Max. I honestly had a feeling the show would be renewed because it did end on a cliffhanger and it didn’t go back to the flash forward scene in episode one where Jake and Katagiri were speaking to Tozowa’s men. Not to mention that Jake’s next novel Tokyo Private Eye comes out next year sometime. I’m keeping my eye out for that. Honestly with how stressful the month of June was for me, Tokyo Vice getting a season 2 renewal was the highlight. I’m also going to geek out a little bit on theories I have for season 2 and the future and what I hope the show will cover. It will contain spoilers so you have been warned.


What I hope to find out next season

What I hope to find out next season is if Sato and Miyamoto are alive. Sato was stabbed in episode eight after telling Samantha that she should know what she’s getting herself into with making the deal with his yakuza boss Ishida. Sato looks like he could die but I think he’ll be rushed into the hospital and get better. Miyamoto the handsome detective who had gotten himself in a bad predicament with Ishida’s rival Yakuza boss Tozowa, is another character whose fate is also unknown Tozowa claims that “Miyamoto is somewhere where his conscience will no longer bother him or be a liability to me.” Tozowa tells this to Katagiri  who asked where Miyamoto was when Katagiri realizes it was all a trap. While some might think this means Tozowa had his mean kill Miyamoto, he technically never uses the word dead.


I think either Tozowa’s men beat Miyamoto badly and left him for dead or he’s being held somewhere. I also want to know who left Jake the video of Polina getting murdered on Tozowa’s sex cruise ship Yoshino? I have two theories as to who could have left Jake the tape. One theory is the yakuza writer guy who covers everything Tozowa is doing and knows about his mistresses etc. Another theory is possibly Miyamoto left Jake the tape of Polina on Yoshino which could definitely work if Miyamoto is alive. The Yakuza writer guy and Miyamoto are the only two who knows whats going on with Tozowa and his operations. I doubt Sato could have gotten the tape since he had been stabbed and possibly in critical condition.


What I hope they’ll cover in season 2 and beyond

I hope they cover Jake becoming a husband and father. I would like to see the show cover the serial killer Joji Obara and his two main victims Carita Ridgeway and Lucie Blackburn. I would hope they would wait till season 3 or 4 for this but I know Katagiri whose based on Sekiguchi will have to die eventually. I also know now Jake has a girlfriend named Jessie Nakamura which means his marriage came to an end obviously. With Jakes book Tokyo Private Eye coming out next year I doubt this show is far from over.