I hope everyone is hanging in there during this pandemic and reading fantastic stories to keep your mind off of it all. Reading is one way of going on adventures, even if you’re not able to leave your couch or your bed. This list is a bit different as it’s a list of books I’m excited about reading whether it’s a book that is out already, or a book we have to pre-order. Just a reminder, if you’re interested in buying a book (or ten) click on a picture of a book in the reviews section or in this section where it will take you to Books A Million and you can order the book, I make a little cash to support the website and it will not affect the price of your order.


After reading Rock Paper Scissors by the same author and reading the synopsis of this I immediately knew this would be something I would read. Daisy Darker comes back for her grandmothers 80th birthday. Though one by one everyone starts to drop dead. This is almost like a modern day retelling of Agatha Christies And Then There Were None. I put it on hold at the library so I can’t wait to read this next month. 

Magical Realism

Dannie Kohan has to have every part of her future mapped out. I’m similar in some aspects. Dannie seems to have the perfect life with the great career and the boyfriend whose now her fiancee. When Dannie wakes up one day she is five years in the future but next to a different man in a different apartment. Dannie spends one hour in the future before waking up in her home in the present on the brink of midnight. It sounds like a book I definitely would read, I enjoyed Rebecca Serle’s book “One Italian Summer,” so I have a feeling I will enjoy this one. 

Romantic comedy/fiction

A Romantic Comedy that takes place in Spain? Where two people have to fake being in love to make an ex of the woman’s jealous? Already I’m sold! 


Verity is about a struggling author finding out shocking details about an author after that authors death. Sounds like a good one. I’ve seen rave reviews about this. I will check this one out from the library. 

Romantic Comedy/Fiction

On May 3rd of this year comes out another romantic comedy by Emily Henry. A literary agent on vacation with her sister falls in love with a book editor. I love the idea! Its a book about books and writing! 

Historical Fiction/Magical Realism

I’ve always wanted to read from Isabele Allende. She writes historical fiction especially taking place in South America as well as some of her books putting magical realism in. One of the characters in this novel has a connection to the spirit world. Eva Longoria is also making a mini series based on this novel. So I want to read it before it comes out. Its also Allende’s first novel she wrote in 1986 I believe. Since then she’s been a best selling author. 


Belle’s best friend Summer, inviters her on a getaway to the Mediterranean on Summer’s billionaire boyfriends yacht. Belle of course says yes. (Hey I don’t blame her. I would go too for a once in a life time trip like that.) Belle needs the break from her waitressing job and her slow acting career. It soon becomes clear that this vacation is more of a nightmare. Belle and the other young women Summer invited on this trip are treated like prisoners. Belle see’s her friend Summer for who she really is a gold digger whose willing to do anything to get what she wants. Belle will have to play her cards right if she wants to stay alive. The plot sounds interesting so I will definitely have to read this one. 


This is book number 5 in the Death Below the Stairs series. Kat Holloway and Daniel McAdams as well as the other characters are back to solve a murder mystery and to stop a plot against the crown. The book comes out on July 6th. 


This is book number 4 in the Death Below the Stairs series. Kat Holloway and Daniel McAdams as well as the other characters are back to solve the mystery of the missing children in the East End of London. Also judging by the title there is obviously a murder too.  I wasn’t impressed with book 3 in the series but I’m not ready to give up on this series just yet.