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My Book Reviews to Encourage Your Reading Pleasures

Welcome to my blog, a place to encourage your reading pleasures. This is the place for book lovers who love books obviously, and also a place to see my opinions on books that keep you up till the wee hours, and books that make you want to skip to the end despite hundreds of pages still left to go. I will also keep you up to date about what new books authors are writing as well as when they come out. You will also know if a movie/tv adaption of a book is coming and whose being cast or mis-cast as which characters! 

Welcome to my website

My reviews are easy to find and they will be put in categories for each genre. One category will be mysteries/thrillers, contemporary fiction, historical fiction/biographies/ romance, fantasy, etc…..When a movie or tv adaption based on the book comes out I will do a book vs screen comparison review. I will also do a top best and worst list of books and make no mistake, I won’t hold anything back.

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