Lionsgate Optioned "This Time Tomorrow."

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Lionsgate Optioned “This Time Tomorrow.”

I want to apologize to any of my readers who might have been worried about me or wondering why I haven’t posted any new content on the blog, Instagram and Facebook. I’ve been going through much stress lately. It is  is why I haven’t posted any new content and when I started a book I couldn’t stay interested. With that in mind I do have good news. Popular NYT Bestselling novel “This Time Tomorrow,” by Emma Straub has been optioned by Lionsgate. I found out through Straub’s instagram post which is a screenshot of reporting on it. “This Time Tomorrow,” is about a woman named Alice whose about to turn 40 and she’s taking care of her ailing dad. The next morning Alice wakes up and she’s 16 again and its 1996 .The most shocking part for Alice is her dad is back to being his handsome healthy self. Alice wants to change the past to change her future and maybe help her father avoid the inevitable. Will she succeed?

 I read “This Time Tomorrow,” back in May and thought it was one of the best books of 2022 I’ve read so far. It’s a story about enjoying the present moment now instead of constantly worrying about the future.  It’s also about how we may all wish we could change parts of our past but everything happened for a reason and for our own good. When I get news about who is being casted and when the movie/show comes out I will update you all.