Q&A With LC Shaw

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Q&A With LC Shaw 

Good evening everyone! Tonight I have the honor of doing a Q&A with LC Shaw. LC Shaw is a pen name for Lynne Constantine who writes with her sister Valerie Constantine under the name Liv Constantine. I finished reading “The Last Mrs. Parrish from LC under the Liv Constantine alias. Wow I did not see the twists coming. Underneath LC Shaw, she wrote “The Network” and The Silent Conspiracy,” Underneath the Liv Constantine name, Lynne and her sister Valerie also wrote “The Stranger In The Mirror,” “The Last Time I Saw You,” and “The First Shot: A Prequel to The Last Mrs. Parrish.” 


Q: What advice do you have for anyone wanting to become a writer especially mystery thrillers like you and your sister write? 


A: Study the craft of writing, read widely, and become disciplined about guarding your writing time. 


Q: I saw somewhere that “The Last Mrs. Parrish is becoming a movie. Did they cast anyone yet?  Did you two get to be executive producers and write the script? I hear a lot of authors now when their work is becoming a movie or show they get to write the script and executive produce which I think is a good thing so their work can be accurate in movie and tv. 


A: It is optioned with Netflix. We’ve seen the first draft of the script, which we loved, and are waiting for the second round. We are executive producers and do have input. We have a terrific team working on the movie and are very excited to see it translated to the screen. 


Q: What are your favorite novels you read this year? 


A: It’s so hard to narrow down to a few but I’ll try! I loved THE LIES I TELL, by Julie Clark, and Alice Feeney’s ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS—both books had me turning the pages as fast as I could. THE ISLAND OF MISSING TREES by Elif Shafak was lyrical and so beautifully written that I had to linger over the pages, and I was lucky enough to read an advanced copy of Kimberley Belle’s THE PERSONAL ASSISTANT which I flew through. 


Q: Can you spoil a little bit about what novels you are writing now? Both with your sister and under your LC Shaw name? 


A: I’m working on writing a pilot script for my novel, THE NETWORK, written under L.C. Shaw.  THE NETWORK is a conspiracy thriller that asks the question: What if your favorite shows and movies were designed with one intent—to push an agenda on you? It’s a fast-paced action thriller with lots of twists and turns. 

Valerie and I are finalizing edits on our next Liv book—THE SENATOR’S WIFE: Sloane Montgomery, a wealthy philanthropist married to a prominent senator, hires a temporary caregiver following surgery. She begins to suspect that the woman may have plans other than her recovery– including Sloane’s handsome, possibly unfaithful, husband. The book is scheduled to come out in May 2023.  


We are also going to be writing the sequel to THE LAST MRS. PARRISH: Daphne Parrish is thrust into the lives of ex-husband Jackson and his new wife, Amber, in a vicious game of cat and mouse. When Texan Daisy Ann, Amber’s former stepdaughter, appears on the scene, the stakes become deadly. 

Q: Which book or books were your favorites to write? Which book or books were more challenging? 


A: For me THE NETWORK was my favorite to write as it was a book that I’d been thinking about for over twenty years. I poured my heart into the book and was thrilled to finally see it come out in print. 

Each book comes with its own challenges. Some require more research, others take longer to get to know the characters. But I love each one for its uniqueness.