Two Nights In Lisbon

Two Nights In Lisbon

Yesterday I finished reading the novel “Two Night In Lisbon,” by mystery and suspense author Chris Pavone. I recently did a Q&A with him if you would like to read the link to that is here .  Ariel Pryce accompanied her new husband John Wright to Lisbon Portugal during his business trip. One day he leaves early in the morning and never returns. Ariel finds out that John has been kidnapped and she must pay 3 million euros for his ransom or else… Both Ariel and John have secrets to hide, secrets which could destroy them both…



I love the setting of Lisbon Portugal. I could literally picture myself walking down the streets of Lisbon sitting at one of the beautiful cafes. It is an easy read.




Unfortunately while the novel had potential it was wasted. I have to agree with everyone else who complained that the novel seemed to man bash everyone. Every man is either a villain or someone who was incompetent. Really none of the female characters were that likeable either. The story also didn’t warn you when there was a flashback coming to explain Ariel’s past and the story seemed to drag a lot. It’s a good thing I checked this book out from the library because this review would have been harsher had I bought it.




Overall it was a miss for me. Chris is a great writer but the story could have been done better in my opinion. Perhaps if the book was cut several pages and the characters weren’t so annoying I would have enjoyed this. I do plan on reading his previous books cause I know not every author  can churn out a great book but that doesn’t mean their entire catalogue is terrible.