Jennifer Coburn's new novel news!

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Jennifer Coburn’s new novel news!

Good evening everyone or good morning or afternoon depending on where you are in the world. I have good book related news to share with you. Jennifer Coburn who is the author of Cradles of the Reich has a new novel coming out in 2024. I did my first Q&A with her back in the spring of 2022 which you can read here by clicking on the link . I was then able to read her book later on, on Netgalley. I know we just started 2023 but this novel sounds like another exciting one anyone who’s a lover of historical fiction can’t wait to read. On Jennifer’s Facebook page she had this to say.


Hi Everyone! I’m really touched by your encouraging comments. Oh boy do I need them right now. The new novel I’m working on is about two long lost friends who meet again at the Nazi “model camp” used for propaganda films and Red Cross tours. One is a Jewish prisoner, the other a filmmaker. I am fascinated by how reality can be manipulated and twisted by cults of hate and misinformation. I hope you will all enjoy (working title) The Glimmer Factory when its released in August 2024.


Already reading this blurb for The Glimmer Factory I’m already hooked. While the story you know is going to be intriguing it’s also important to know it’s a lesser known part of World War II history and history in general that needs to be told. We need more stories so that we may never forget history. Thank you to authors like Jennifer Coburn, Kristin Harmel, Kate Quinn and many others who continue to write historical fiction about lesser known parts of history.