Woman on Fire

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Woman on Fire Adaptation!

Fans of historical fiction author, Lisa Barr will rejoice with the news I have to tell you. “Woman On Fire,” by Lisa Barr which comes out on March 1st is getting a film adaptation. I found out news about it on Lisa’s instagram post with a screenshot of the Deadline article. Actress and producer Sharon Stone will produce and star in the film. Here is the description of the novel which I had gotten from my source In the novel set for release via HarperCollins on March 1, a savvy, young journalist gets embroiled in a major international art scandal centered around a Nazi-looted masterpiece, and must contemplate whether finding the painting and exposing its dark history is worth her life. The thriller laced with sex, art and history forces readers to question where the line should be drawn between the pursuit of justice and the hunt for revenge.

 The plot of the novel definitely sounds like something I would love to read. It is unknown if the upcoming film will be on a streaming service or if it will be released in theaters. I do know this plot is right up my alley. It is also a lesser known topic about World War II that no one talks about. There was a lot of art work stolen during the war. It took several decades to get the courts to force whoever had the art to return it to the rightful owners. I’m definitely thinking about either putting it on hold or ordering it from Amazon. Ah so many books so little time!