What Remains

What Remains

Today I finished a Netgalley copy of What Remains by bestselling author Wendy Walker. One afternoon detective Elise Sutton walks into a department store wanting to buy pink towels for her daughters till a shooter runs rampant. Elise knows she has to make the difficult choice to save a life she must take the other one. After she saves the man Wade Austin, he won’t let her go. Elise finds out Wade isn’t who he says he is and ultimately she has to do what it takes to protect her family and friends.



The story was good. I like the characters of Elise and her partner Rowan. I think they would make a better couple than her and her husband Mitch who cheated on her 4 years prior. The book talks about how even when we make the tough choices it doesn’t always mean we like doing it and the guilt can haunt you. I did not see the twist at the end which was good.



I felt the book dragged and it became long winded at times. It probably could have been cut down a bit.



If you’re a fan of mystery thrillers and of Wendy Walker herself, get a copy of What Remains which is out now.