Yesterday I finished reading “Verity,” by Colleen Hoover. “Verity,” is about struggling writer Lowen Ashleigh whose on the brink of financial ruin though fate intervenes and she excepts the job of a lifetime. Jeremy Crawford husband of famous writer Verity Crawford, hired Lowen to complete the remaining books in Verity’s series since Verity is too injured to finish. Lowen has her work cut out for her though what Lowen doesn’t realize is she finds Verity’s unfinished autobiography that Verity never intended for anyone to read and for good reason because there’s bone chilling revelations. It was my first time reading anything by Colleen Hoover and I must say I’m impressed.




I like the plot it kept me on my toes. Not to mention the book was a quick read to begin with. When you think you know where the story is going of course you’re thrown for a loop when the twist is revealed. I do like that this story had romance as well as a mystery mixed in. I know Colleen mostly writes romance and I plan on reading them, but I hope she does more romantic suspense like “Verity”.




It did become a bit too descriptive with the sex scenes. I don’t mind sex in novels if it has to do with the story but sometimes it’s too descriptive. The ending also seemed too unrealistic and things were tied up too neatly almost like a lifetime movie.




Overall the book was entertaining. I can’t wait to read more from Colleen Hoover she is definitely good at her craft. Colleen I would love to do a Q&A with you in the future. If you’re interested please message me.