The Unhoneymooners movie!

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The Unhoneymooners Movie

Awhile back in February I read a romantic comedy by author duo Christina Lauren called, “The Unhoneymooners.” I could see it as a movie in my head and it was the first time I read anything from the authors. My wishes are coming true and the authors confirmed it on their Instagram. HI WE HAVE NEWS! BCDF has optioned the movie rights to The Unhoneymooners! We’ve read the script and you guys, its freaking hilarious. True to the book and laugh out loud funny—we couldn’t be happier. On their Instagram was a screenshot from Deadline article confirming it.

 I commented on their Instagram post commenting, Yes! I was hoping for this! And they liked my comment. It’s too early to know if it’ll be in the big screen or if it will be streamed on Hulu, Netflix or HBO Max etc. Regardless I’m very excited about this book becoming a movie. I laughed out loud literally as I read certain scenes. It’s definitely something rom com fans will love.