Two more of Kimberly McCreight's novels being Adapted!

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Two more of Kimberly McCreight’s novels being Adapted!

Last night I wrote and posted a newsletter about Nicole Kidman producing a bunch of tv and movies based on popular books, one of those books being Kimberly McCreight’s novel, “A Good Marriage.” I found out a lot of my info from Variety and Variety also mentioned two of McCreight’s other novels are being adapted into movies.

HBO is developing a film adaption of “Reconstructing Amelia.” Reconstructing Amelia is about a woman whose daughter Amelia committed suicide supposedly because she cheated on a test. Amelia’s mother gets an ominous text saying, She didn’t jump. It sounds like a good mystery thriller book that I definitely would read and watch.

Lionsgate optioned McCreight’s other book, “The Outliers,” as a movie. The Outliers is about a girl and her friend’s boyfriend getting cryptic texts from a missing friend to help find her. They are being sent cryptic clues and are on a scavenger hunt. It gives me Gone Girl vibes honestly but it sounds like a good over the top  mystery thriller to read and watch.