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Hi everyone this is your book blogger Bianca giving you new information about upcoming book related news whether they are writing new books and when they’ll be published to whether a movie or tv adaption of a book is coming out. I’m friends with a few authors on Facebook and follow some on instagram which makes it easier to get the scoop on everything books. Otherwise I just dig and investigate on my own if I can’t get the news from the author themselves. One of the authors I follow on instagram is author Elizabeth Lim who is the author of Reflection which is the Mulan book from the Twisted Tale series and the author of Spin the Dawn.


 I was scrolling through amazon one day and I saw the title of a twisted tale book coming out April 7th 2020 called So this is Love. I asked her on instagram that I saw she wrote another twisted tale book and asked if it was about Cinderella and if I could put this info on my blog. Elizabeth Lim gave me permission to do so. The synopsis was put on there later (or maybe my internet connection was slow so that’s why I didn’t see it at first) and here is what it says:


What if Cinderella never tried on the glass slipper? Unable to prove that she’s the missing princess, and unable to bear life under Lady Tremaine any longer, Cinderella attempts a fresh start, looking for work at the palace as a seamstress. But when the Grand Duke appoints her to serve under the king’s visiting sister, Cinderella becomes witness to a grand conspiracy to take the king-and the prince-out of power, as well as a longstanding prejudice against fairies, including Cinderella’s own Fairy Godmother. Faced with questions of love and loyalty to the kingdom, Cinderella must find a way to stop the villains of past and present . . . before it’s too late.



This almost gives me Cinderella 3 a Twist in Time vibes because it mentions the past and present. The conspiracy about overthrowing the king and the prince definitely sounds interesting. I have high hopes that this should be good. I’m hoping its not a direct rip off of Cinderella 3 because then it may come off as a bad Disney sequel that we didn’t need. Believe me Disney has a ton of bad sequels already. Anyway I can’t wait to read this.