Tokyo Dreaming

Tokyo Dreaming

Yesterday I finished reading “Tokyo Dreaming,” a sequel to “Tokyo Ever After,” by Emiko Jean. In the sequel Izumi is living in Japan and all seems good her parents rekindled their romance, she’s in a romantic relationship with Akio her bodyguard and still getting the hang of this princess thing. Unfortunately Izumi and her parents hit a road block. Izumi’s parents engagement is put on hold when the Imperial Household Council refuses to approve the wedding citing concerns about Izumi and her mother’s lack of grace and royal pedigree. What makes it worse is Akio breaks off his relationship with Izumi. Izumi however is determined to do whatever it takes to give her parents their happily ever after even if she has to give up some things. Can Izumi find a middle ground following the rules while also following her heart? The sequel was cute but it was honestly missing something that the first book had.



I like how mature Izumi becomes throughout the sequel more than she even did in the first book. It’s also nice that Izumi becomes closer to her cousins who she nicknames “The Shining Twins.” Izumi realizes they aren’t so bad after all. Izumi and her friends make me chuckle especially Noori who playfully said she wants to marry Izumi’s dad. I don’t blame her, I think Izumi’s dad is pretty cute and I know which actor I picture to play him should a “Tokyo Ever After,” t.v. series or movie happen. I love the new character Eriku Izumi’s tutor. I also do like the ending which I won’t spoil too much, all I can say is Izumi stops trying to people please everyone.



Sigh. I know I hate talking about what I dislike about a book. There was a cliché with the fake dating turned love triangle with Izumi, Eriku and Akio. While I believe in following your heart I’m shaking my head with who Izumi chose in the end. Then again Izumi is only eighteen years old. 90% of the time when love triangles happen the woman always gets with the person who I think she’s mismatched with or treats her badly. There’s only 10% of the time where the woman gets with who she should in my opinion.



It was a decent sequel. Does “Tokyo Dreaming,” surpass the sequel. In my opinion, no it does not. It doesn’t mean it was a terrible sequel. Also not every sequel can be as good or better than the original.