The Witches Knight

The Witches Knight

I finally came around to finishing an early copy of “The Witches Knight,” by author New York Times Bestselling author, Paula Brackston who wrote it with her brother Trevor. It’s the first book in the new trilogy called The White Shadow Trilogy. In “The Witches Knight,” the story goes back and forth through medieval Wales to 2019 London. Gwen is a noble welsh girl living with her family in the mountains not knowing her true destiny as a witch. When Gwen’s village is attacked her life is changed forever and she has to except her role as a witch and protector to her people. As Gwen accepts her role as a witch she meets a knight named Tudor who will risk his life to protect her. In 2019 London Rhys Tudor’s life is in danger as he has his own destiny to fulfill and dark forces are at work. If you love historical fiction mixed with magic and romance you won’t be disappointed



I loved the setting and the time periods because you didn’t just stay in the two time periods you traveled through the various centuries throughout the rest of medieval periods. You would think that the medieval time periods and the modern time would have nothing to do with one another, but Paula and Trevor did a great job of having it make sense and come together. The characters are also likeable. The romance transcending time between Gwen/Rhiannon and Tudor almost reminds me of the Fallen series by Lauren Kate since in both books one character is immortal and the love interest dies and reincarnates into the next life not remembering the past. Also that cliffhanger… Wow… I have to have book 2 now! Lol.



There wasn’t much I disliked. I did feel that the villain in 2019 seemed underdeveloped and we don’t know her motivations except that she seems power hungry. But I guess we will find out in book 2.




Overall I can’t wait to read what’s in store for Rhiannon, Tudor and Emily in Book 2 of the new trilogy. I also hope more questions are answered and that the villain is more developed. “The Witches Knight,” will be released on April 19th of this year. Thank you Paula and Trevor for writing this wonderful book and thank you Paula for emailing me an early copy for me to read.