The Windsor Conspiracy

The Windsor Conspiracy

Its 1937 and Amelia Montague has excepted being a private secretary to her cousin Wallis Simpson in France. Yes, that Wallis Simpson. The Wallis Simpson that Edward VIII gave up his throne in England to marry her. Amelia would rather do anything than be Wallis’s secretary but with not many prospects after her husband who she eloped with killed himself because of shady dealings there aren’t many prospects. Amelia finds that the now ex King Edward who is called The Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson’s life is not this romantic fairytale. Wallis is ambitious and lets her rage at how she is treated push her and the duke into becoming self-centered Nazi supporters with their own interests in mind. After abandoning Amelia in Paris after the Nazi invasion, Amelia finds herself in position to help the FBI uncover the Windsor’s shady dealings with the Nazis, leading her to Nassau.


Research, Writing & Characters/Real Historical Characters

While The Windsor Conspiracy is a historical fiction novel, Georgie Blalock put a lot of research into the novel. Much of what you read in the book is taken from what really happened despite not every character being a real person but being based off many different people. The writing is excellent too! I knew I would enjoy this one after falling in love with The Other Windsor Girl about Princess Margaret last year. The only odd thing was at one point in the book there was a line that said Things must be bad for Sir Walter to lose his cool. I found that sentence to be odd considering the time. Other than that, there wasn’t much I disliked.




If you don’t have a physical or digital copy of The Windsor Conspiracy, preorder the novel coming out on July 16th! Thank you, Georgie Blalock, for the early copy! I can’t wait to do our Behind The Book Q&A discussing the novel more in depth!