The Wife App

The Wife App

On Sunday during Memorial Day Weekend I finished the novel The Wife App by author Carolyn Mackler. The novel is about three divorced best friends Lauren, Madelyn and Sophie. Lauren became recently divorced because she found that her husband was paying for sexual favors. After a drunken girls night out, the three women joke about starting an app called The Wife app where they monetize everyday chores that wives do for free. It stops becoming a joke when Lauren decides to make the Wife App a reality. The story is told from each divorce’s point of view and how the app changes their lives in different ways.



The concept was good. I like that the setting is in New York and I have to say out of all the characters I can relate to Sophie the most. I’m not divorced, married or a mother, but how I relate to her is we get caught up in seeing beautiful photos on social media and fall into the trap that everyone else but us is living the perfect life when really that’s far from the truth. I think many people get caught in that trap. I also think Sophie was the nicest character out of the three ex-wives.



Other than Sophie, Lauren and Madelyn were hard characters to tell apart. There was nothing that made the two of them distinct from one another except that Madelyn enjoyed having sex with different men. I also didn’t think they were the most likeable characters either. I also felt everyone’s second chance love interests seemed either predictable or out of nowhere and felt very random. It also seemed as though almost every guy was a loser.




Overall it was a cute chick lit read. Thank you Simon & Schuster for the early copy. If you don’t have netgalley or an early physical copy, preorder this novel coming out on June 27th