The Whisper Man? More like The Boring Man!

The Whisper Man? More like the Boring Man.

“The Whisper Man,” a mystery novel by Alex North had a plot that suckered me in. Tom Kennedy and his son Jake move to the town of Featherbank in England for a fresh start after Tom’s wife and Jakes mother die. Unfortunately Featherbank has a dark past. Two decades prior a serial killer known as The Whisper Man murdered 5 boys. His name was Frank Carter and he vanishes and there’s a murderer copying Frank Carter’s Whisper Man persona. Detectives Pete Willis and Amanda Beck must find this new killer especially before Jake becomes next…..



The idea of the plot seduced me from the start.  A copycat killer and not to mention Jake sees things that aren’t there. I like that they made Jake a psychic instead of him seeing imaginary friends. So I will give credit for the psychic part.



It takes a long time to get anywhere. At one point I didn’t even finish it. Though I read the full synopsis online (not Wikipedia). The copycat killer was kind of a cop out. The ending was kind of corny. Other than Jake, I didn’t feel like the characters were that great or awful they were just boring.




I was disappointed. I will give Alex North another chance. I will check out his second book, “The Whispers,” from the library. I’m a sucker for a potential good mystery. The positive is I didn’t waste money on this “The Whisper Man,” and I at least checked the book out from the library. The book had good ideas but unfortunately fell flat. If the characters were more interesting and the plot picked up and didn’t take so long to get interesting this book would have gotten a higher critique from me.