The Wedding Veil

The Wedding Veil

I recently finished reading “The Wedding Veil,” by Kristy Woodson Harvey. It intertwines the modern day with the historical period of the Vanderbilt’s. In the modern day Julia Baxters wedding veil was given to her great grandmother in the 1930s which symbolizes a happy marriage. Something tells Julia that she shouldn’t go through with the wedding despite the veils legendary good luck. Julia flees to the British Virgin Islands to clear her head. Julia’s grandmother Bab’s is grieving the death of her husband and decides to move to a retirement community only to run into a flame from her past. In 1914 socialite Edith Vanderbilt is struggling to keep the estate Biltmore house afloat after her beloved George dies and on top of that takes care of her daughter Cornelia. “The Wedding Veil,” is about strong women forging their own paths in life.


Pros & Cons

I enjoyed the descriptions of Biltmore house. It was a place I would definitely like to see someday. I also like Julia’s grandmother Babs. Babs is the wise grandmother who helps Julia and tells her mother off for thinking Julia should have married Hayes. I also liked that Julia grew a pair and didn’t take back her fiancé. There were a few things that did seem a little cheesy or out there for me but it was a cute read. I can’t wait to read more from Kristy Woodsy Harvey.



Overall this novel is for people who enjoy history, discovering what you want, and the power of strong women.