The Vanishing Hour

The Vanishing Hour

On Friday I started The Vanishing Hour and finished reading it last night. The Vanishing Hour is my first time reading a mystery thriller by Seraphina Nova Glass. The story takes place in Rock Harbor Maine. Grace Holloway keeps to herself living a solitary life after surviving being kidnapped years ago. Kira is on her own quest looking for her missing daughter Brooke and Aden is now looking for his father who went missing.  The three main characters find there may be a connection to the missing and the dead.


Pros & Cons

While it was a quick read, it had its slow moments at the same time which is weird. I love the setting of Rock Harbor Maine. Maine and the other New England States are places I would like to see. Rock Harbor Maine is not a small town but news does travel past. I love the main characters I even like that there’s a hint of a little romance that could start between Aden and Grace.  Things get exciting towards the end. The twist was definitely not what you saw coming. I will say this ending and how they decided to handle the killer/kidnapper was rather goofy. Anymore the trope for how half the mystery thriller tropes end is there’s an unrealistic ending.




If you are in the mood for a quick read that’s a mystery thriller, I suggest you pick this up. Even though it’s a bit farfetched to the point where you’re laughing, it’s still a lot of fun. Thank you Leah Morse for sending me this copy.