The Vacancy In Room 10

The Vacancy In Room 10

The Vacancy In Room 10 by Seraphina Nova Glass is from the point of view of two women. Anna is a widow grieving the supposed suicide of her husband Henry. Henry claimed that he killed someone. Though the suicide was ruled out when his body washed up on the Rio Grande & police told her, he was already dead when they found his body. Anna must put the pieces together to find out what happened and why someone would want Henry dead. Cassidy has been running the Sycamores, after being kicked out by her wealthy cheating long term boyfriend. Cass barely makes it as a superintendent and ends up blackmailing sleazy men threatening to expose their infidelity to their wives if they don’t pay up. Blackmailing is easy and no one gets hurt until the wrong one does get hurt. Both situations force Anna & Cass in each other’s presence questioning if they can trust each other.


Writing, Characters, Setting & Twists

I was very grateful that Seraphina Nova Glass sent me a Netgalley copy of The Vacancy In Room 10, & I felt it was even better than her previous book The Vanishing Hour. I like Anna & Cass as main characters and some of the side characters were hilarious too. I can picture the story as I read as though I were watching a movie or miniseries in my head. I like that the setting was out west. The mystery as to who killed Henry and why and how it connected to some of the other deaths in the novel were tied together nicely. It was very exciting! I also appreciated that Seraphina had both Anna & Cass tell their stories from both points of view.



If you are a fan of mystery novels and a fan of Seraphina Nova Glass, I recommend The Vacancy In Room 10. If you don’t have a Netgalley or physical copy, preorder the book coming out on April 9th. I am very excited about doing this Behind The Book on The Vacancy In Room 10 with Seraphina Nova Glass.