The Unquiet Bones

The Unquiet Bones

Underneath a chapel human remains are found which opens the almost fifty-year-old case of missing teen Annalise Janson. Detective Jane Munroe is determined to bring closure to Annalise’s family since she knows what its like to have a missing fiancé and she’s pregnant. Annalise’s old friends dubbed The Shoreview Six are determined to keep any secrets Annalise’s bones tell, a secret. They made a pledge forty-seven years ago and now Annalise’s secrets threaten to expose and ruin the affluent lives they’ve worked so hard to build. As Dr. Ellen Quinn delves deep into the autopsy of Jane more secrets come to light & the case takes a dark turn when Jane finds the body of a missing teen boy many felt were responsible for Annalise’s disappearance.


Writing, Story & Characters

The writing was descriptive and easy to read. I also like the story and I remember reading somewhere that this book was loosely taken from an actual unsolved case in Canada. The characters are very well written and believable, especially Jane & Dr. Ellen Quinn. Angela the reporter almost reminded me of Gale Weathers from the Scream movies. The Shoreview Six with the pledge, it almost gave a I Know What You Did Last Summer vibe though much darker. I also felt the ending gave a great twist that you didn’t see coming. I don’t have much to criticize, only that there was one loose end with one of the Shoreview Six that I felt needed clearing up but other than that I enjoyed the book.



Overall if you enjoy mystery books you will enjoy this one. If you don’t have an early arc through netgalley or a physical copy, preorder The Unquiet Bones, which will be published on March 5th, 2024! Thank you, Loreth, for writing this great book! I can’t wait to post our Q&A!