The Trouble With You

The Trouble With You

Tonight I finished my first read of 2024 titled The Trouble With You by Ellen Feldman. I received this book a few months ago but had other books I needed to read and review before finally getting to this one. The Trouble With You takes place during post World War II, the men come home from war and the wives were eager to see them return and begin families. The main character is Fanny after tragedy strikes and she becomes a single mother she starts to work as a secretary at a place for radio serials (never soap operas!). Fanny discovers that she loves to work & befriend a woman who stars in the serial and a man who writes them and this is during the blacklist where people lose their jobs due to their views. Fanny must choose to play it safe or do the right thing.


Story, Characters & Writing

This is something different than I normally read. I’m glad it covered the Blacklist era post World War II. The book makes us ask one question: What would we do if we were in an era where there was a huge blacklist? The writing was descriptive and easy to read. I did notice typos here and there which was the only negative thing. My favorite characters are Fanny, Charlie, & Rose. They are flawed, well written characters. I even liked Ezra who even though he wanted a stay-at-home wife that Fanny didn’t want to be, he wasn’t portrayed as an awful man.



Overall, I enjoyed the book. It’s a historical fiction book that covers a topic not spoken about much. If you enjoy historical fiction and you don’t have a copy on Netgalley or a physical copy, preorder The Trouble With You coming out on February 20th 2024! Thank you Ellen Feldman for writing this book. I’m excited to do a Q&A with you!