The Summer Escape

The Summer Escape

Thanks to publicist Mary Interdonati sending me an early copy of The Summer Escape by Jill Shavis, Jill Shavis has become another new favorite author. Anna Moore & Owen Harris are on a quest to find a missing stolen million-dollar necklace that belonged to Owen’s Aunt Ruby & coin worth so much. Owen is convinced that Anna’s father was the one who stole the items & Anna is convinced her father was innocent. Regardless of their opposite opinions, their goal is to find the items. Never did the two expect, however, that they would be on an adventure with an undeniable physical & emotional connection.


Writing, Characters, Humor, Romance & Adventure

Where do I begin? The writing is descriptive & I picture everything happening as I read the words across the page. Theres so much to love about this book. I love all the characters. Anna & Owen are wonderful. I also think Anna’s sister Wendy is hilarious whether she’s eating something she shouldn’t or meddling in her sister’s life. I also like Owen’s Aunt Ruby who is a hoot. I like the fact that Anna & Owen did not deny their attraction for one another. They were up front even though Anna had her walls. I also loved that there was adventure in it too and a little bit of a mystery. The epilogue was icing on top of what was already a wonderful desert which was The Summer Escape.



Overall if you are in the mood for a story that has romance, humor, adventure and a dash of a mystery, you are in for a treat reading The Summer Escape by Jill Shavis. Thank you so much Mary Interdonati for sending me an early copy of the book. The book was released on June 11th & is available to read now.