The Stolen Queen

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The Stolen Queen

Today as I was scrolling through Instagram, GMA Bookclub on Instagram posted about New York Times Bestselling author of historical fiction, Fiona Davis’s upcoming novel titled The Stolen Queen. The book has dual timeline & the book will transport you from New York City to the streets of Cairo. I love books having to do with other cultures, Egypt being one of them. Below is the synopsis of the book.

 Egypt 1936: When anthropology student Charlotte Cross is offered a coveted spot on an archeological dig at Egypt’s Valley of the Kings, she leaps at the opportunity. But after an unbearable tragedy strikes, Charlotte knows her future will never be the same.

 New York, 1978: Eighteen-year-old Annie Jenkins is thrilled when she lands an opportunity to work for iconic former Vogue fashion editor Diana Vreeland, who’s in the midst of organizing the famous Met Gala. Annie soon realizes that she’ll have her work cut out for her, scrambling to meet Diana’s capricious demands & standards.

 Meanwhile, Charlotte, now leading a quiet life as the associate curator of the Met’s celebrated Egyptian Art Collection, wants little to do with the upcoming Gala. She’s consumed with her research on Hathorkare—a rare female Pharoah dismissed by most Egyptologists as unimportant. That is, til the height of the Gala, when one of the Egyptian Art Collections most valuable artifacts go missing…and there are signs Hathorkare’s legendary curse might be reawakening.

 I love historical fiction and I love the fact that we will be transported from New York to Cairo and that Egyptian history & art will play a big part in this upcoming historical fiction gem! The Stolen Queen will be released on January 7th of 2025. If I were you, I’d get to preorder the book now. I can’t wait to read this by Fiona Davis and to do a Behind The Book discussing the novel & the amount of research that she put into it.