The Spanish Love Deception

The Spanish Love Deception

To say that Catalina Martin needs a date to her sister, Isabel’s wedding is an understatement especially since Catalina came up with a white lie that she has an American boyfriend. Everyone including her ex-boyfriend the brother of the groom will be there. Handsome cranky co-worker Aaron Blackford offers to be Catalina’s date. While Catalina would rather do anything else than have him be her date though beggers can’t be choosers. The more Aaron and Catalina get to know each other, the more Catalina realizes that there’s more to Aaron than meets the eye. This is the first review I had done in a while as I’d been going through a book rut and I’ve been doing mostly Q&A’s.



I love the setting of New York where the main characters live and Spain where Catalina’s family comes from. It reminds me of my background because I have Spanish in my mom’s family (as well as French, Italian and Dutch.). Although I’ve never been to Spain or really anywhere outside of the country I could picture it all. I like Catalina and Aaron. I like how Catalina and Aaron slowly opened up to one another despite how scary it was. Rosie, Catalina’s best friend is hilarious too. I can’t wait to read her story in “The American Roommate”. A favorite quote of mine is one that Aaron’s father Richard tells him while Aaron and Catalina are at the hospital, Hold on to her son. For as long as time lets you. It’s a powerful quote reminding us we and the people we love have limited time on this earth and we must cherish the moments we have with one another and make them good ones.



While I did enjoy the book what took away from the story was it took a while for us to get to Spain. I think if the book had some chapters taken out it would have been a perfect book in my opinion.



Overall I enjoyed the book. Was it a tad predictable? Yes it is a rom com after all. Could it have been a little shorter? Yes. Overall I enjoyed it. I like the characters the setting and the descriptive writing. If you enjoy romance and romantic comedies I recommend this novel.