The Sicilian Inheritance

The Sicilian Inheritance

Tonight I finished reading one of the best books of 2024. You read that right. The title of this book is The Sicilian Inheritance by New York Times Bestselling author Jo Piazza. To say Sara Marsala is going through a lot in her life right now is an understatement. Sara’s business and marriage failed and her beloved Great Aunt Rosie had passed away. To honor Great Aunt Rosie’s life Sara goes to Sicily to scatter Aunt Rosies ashes and to get money from the deed to the land and possibly solve a family secret. In the past we meet Rosie’s mother Sarafina who became a young mother and wife bought fought for a better life not just for herself but for the women in her village. The Sicilian Inheritance is part murder mystery and part historical fiction which will keep you guessing till the end.



I love that the book is a dual timeline and you read the point of views of Sara and Sarafina, Great Aunt Rosie’s mother. I love the descriptions of Sicily and felt I was there in both the past and the present. Besides the main female characters I like Marco and Luca as well. I like that it’s a blend of historical fiction, and murder mystery twisted into a story that won’t let you go. The twist at the end was not what I was expecting!



I didn’t want it to end honestly. There wasn’t much to criticize really.




Overall if you’re a fan of murder mysteries mixed with historical fiction you are in for a treat that I can promise you. The Sicilian Inheritance will be published on April 2nd of 2024. If you don’t have early copy of the book preorder it now, thank you Jo Piazza and the publishers for an early copy.