Kate Quinns book The Rose Code

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Hi everyone this is your book blogger Bianca giving you new information about upcoming book related news whether they are writing new books and when they’ll be published to whether a movie or tv adaption of a book is coming out. I’m friends with a few authors on Facebook and follow some on instagram which makes it easier to get the scoop on everything books. Otherwise I just dig and investigate on my own if I can’t get the news from the author themselves. I’m friends with one author named Kate Quinn whose best known books are The Alice Network and The Huntress. I messaged her about any new book’s she’s working on. Her next book is called The Rose Code. Here is the synopsis of The Rose Code directly from Kate Quinn through messenger.


The Rose Code: 3 very different women are drawn to WWII era Bletchley Park to break the unbreakable German military codes, only to discover that the real danger lies inside the Park as a hidden traitor turns them against each other in a betrayal that stretches out beyond the end of the war.


I asked Kate Quinn when is the book expected to get published and she responded that it will most likely be 2021.


Sometimes though things could be pushed back earlier or pushed till later. Anyway for historical fiction buffs I bet you guys are excited. I know I am!