The Roaring Days Of Zora Lily

The Roaring Days Of Zora Lily

In 2023 costume conservator Sylvia, is preparing an exhibit featuring movie costumes from the roaring twenties to the modern day. As Sylvia places the a dress worn by Greta Garbo on a mannequin she discovers a tag with another designers name underneath a more well-known one. Zora Lily. Who is Zora Lily? Sylvia wonders.


In 1924 Zora Hough is helping her mother get by and taking care of her siblings. It’s not easy living in poverty. Zora dreams for more, becoming a designer just as famous as Coco Chanel and Jean Lanvin. When Zora’s best friend Rose takes her out to a club you’re in for an exciting ride full of dancing, drinking and music during prohibition and while tragedy and life try to keep Zora down, she doesn’t let them stop her from pursuing her dreams.



This was my first time reading from Noelle Salazar and I was pleased. The story took you to another time and made it come alive. The Roaring Days Of Zora Lily, is more than just a historical fiction novel, it shares the timeless lessons about going after your dreams and when life throws you challenges that it’s up to us to rise above the challenges and figuring out what to do next. I like the character of Zora she’s one you would root for. I also like her romantic lead Harley and her best friend Rose.



I was thinking the book would go back and forth between both Zora and Sylvia the costume conservator. It seemed that Sylvia was more of an afterthought as we saw little of her in the book.




Overall I enjoyed the book very much. I was very grateful that I spent much of this week’s wonderful weather spending hours outside reading to find out what happened next. I’m so grateful to Noelle’s publicist for sending me an early copy of her book. If you don’t have a physical or netgalley copy of The Roaring Days Of Zora Lily, preorder the book now so you get it on October 3rd. Thank you Noelle for the wonderful story.