The Queens Fortune became a chore afterawhile!

The Queens Fortune Became a Chore after awhile

So far I’m not interested in Allison Pataki’s books. I started, “The Traitors Wife,” and couldn’t get through the book. (I will say why in my next list of dud’s I couldn’t finish or skipped to the end). I gave “The Queen’s Fortune,” and after a while it became a chore to read. This is when the classic lesson comes into play, don’t’ judge a book by its cover. The story is about Desiree Clary, who lived during The Terror after Marie Antoinette and her husband Louis were executed after the French Revolution. Desiree fell in love with Napoleon and was engaged to him at one point, but as fate turned out it was obviously not meant to be since Napoleon married Josephine. Desiree eventually did marry the man that truly loved her and she loved him named Bernodotte and had a son with him and they eventually became King and Queen of Sweden.



The pros were I did like that this was a book about a lesser known figure in history. I never even heard of Desiree or knew that she was even engaged to Napoleon at one point. I did like that she was the narrator of her own story and not like in “The Traitors Wife,” where a fictional maid was a bystander telling Peggy Shippens story.



For the cons section there was unfortunately a lot of them. The story had exceedingly slow parts in it. I felt we didn’t get to see Desiree in her queen role enough. While Desiree was telling the story it seemed like she was also a bystander of everyone else’s story as well. I think if the book was condensed and we had a chance to see Desiree and Bernodotte rule that would have been a more interesting story.



It was a great idea, but the writing and the pacing wasn’t the best. I will give Alison Pataki’s books about Sisi a chance though like with the others I will only check them out from the library and not buy them.