The Poetics of Passion

The Poetics of Passion

I read a ton of books this week, however my favorite one out of all of the is The Poetics of Passion by Delphine Ross who I did a Q&A with back in the spring. Its also my first time reading in the historical romance genre. Musa Bartham has a secret, to support her family after her father’s disappearance; Delphine writes steamy poetry under an alias Felicity Vita. Under the Felicity name, Musa had gotten a ton of fans including a mysterious gentlemen pen pal Henry. Henry is also an alias for artist Sebastian Atkinson. When Musa’s publishing house wants to publish childrens stories and Musa’s sister Angela has a chance at marrying well, Musa realizes her time as Felicity Vita must come to a close. Though Sebastain suspects the truth that Felicity and Musa is the same person. As the two get to know each other they eventually turn from enemies to lovers. Is love enough though?



I love the descriptive writing, and the characters. I could see this being played out as a Masterpiece Theater Drama on PBS. I love all of the characters even the stuffy Aunt Minerva and the journalist fishing for a story Luke. I also think it’s hilarious that Musa and Sebastian are pen pals and they each don’t’ know they’re writing under an alias. The ending was good, but that epilogue let’s just say it leaves a lot open and I can’t wait for book 2.



The epilogue is great but I need book 2 now and wish it didn’t have to end so soon. To quote Jane Austen again, If a book is well written I find it to be too short.



If  you enjoy historical romance, or are new to the genre like I am pre-order the book now so you can have it on July 25th. Thank you Delphine for the early copy, I sped through this book in days.