The Paris Apartment

The Paris Apartment

When the clock reached 1:45 am this morning I finished reading the murder mystery novel “The Paris Apartment,” by Lucy Foley. Foley’s murder mystery books never fail to disappoint and they always keep me up late. This time around the story takes place in Paris. Jess fled a bad situation in England and needed a new start, so she decides to move in with her half-brother Benjamin Daniels (though most call him Ben). When Jess shows up to Ben’s apartment, Ben is nowhere to be found. The deeper Jess investigates the more she finds herself in dangers. Those who live in the apartment, let’s just say they all have something to hide.



I’m a sucker for anything that takes place in Paris so to say I love the setting of the story is an understatement. What was interesting were even most of the unlikeable characters become likeable toward the end of the story, especially the snobby rich lady character. Jess I have to say is one of my favorite characters as she will stop at nothing to find out what happened to her brother despite the dangers. I don’t want to reveal too much more as to not spoil the story. I like the twist in the end it was definitely different from Foley’s last two books. I also loved how the ending itself was a happy one or at least hinted at a happy one.



There wasn’t much I disliked. I do wish that the loose end with the concierge and Mimi connection was sorted out. For those who have read the book you will know what I mean. For those who don’t, I don’t want to spoil it for you.



Overall I enjoyed “The Paris Apartment,” a lot. If you love Paris and murder mysteries in general I suggest picking this one up. Like Foley’s other mystery novels, the mystery will keep you guessing till the end.