The Other Windsor Girl

The Other Windsor Girl

Today I finished The Other Windsor Girl by Georgie Blalock whom I did a Q&A back in the fall if you want to read all about that click on the link here . Being a royal fan I enjoyed it. It was about Princess Margaret the late Queen Elizabeth’s sister told through the eyes of her fictional friend Vera Strathmore.  This was my first time reading a novel from Georgie Blalock and I was not disappointed.



Georgie Blalock did a great job of making history come alive. I liked Vera’s character for the fact in some ways she felt like Margaret that her life wasn’t entirely her own. I liked Vera’s cousin Rupert as he encouraged her to pursue her dreams and give herself more credit. Of course as I read the novel I couldn’t help picturing Vanessa Kirby and Ben Miles from The Crown as Princess Margaret and Captain Peter Townsend. Of course being the romantic I rooted for them despite knowing the tragic end. Like Vera I wanted to warn Princess Margaret against marrying Anthony “Tony” Armstrong Jones he was no good for her. (For anyone who follows the royals whether through books, documentaries and The Crown, you know what I’m talking about). The epilogue warmed my heart as it was bitter sweet. I can’t reveal that or I’d spoil it.



I wish this book didn’t have to end. Part of me wanted the book to cover Princess Margaret and Tony’s affairs and how Tony emotionally abused her but that would be too depressing. It ended where it needed to.




Overall I did enjoy the novel very much. Thank you Georgie for writing such a gem, I sped through this in a few days. The Other Windsor Girl is for fans of historical fiction especially royal history.