The Newcomer


The Newcomer

Yesterday I finished reading Mary Kay Andrews latest release, “The Newcomer.” The book is one of those that leave you in a book hangover. “The Newcomer,” has action, mystery, romance and you guessed it the beach. Is it worth the read? I definitely think so. “The Newcomer,” was better than “Sunset Beach.”



Scarlett “Letty” Carnahan discovers her sister Tanya brutally murdered in her New York City Apartment. Letty knows who did it, Evan Wingfield, Tanya’s ex-husband. At that moment Letty has to flee New York City with her four year old niece Maya and they end up in a Mom and Pop motel in Treasure Island Florida called The Murmuring Surf. While at the motel , Letty is trying to raise her niece and juggling working and trying to figure out the whole story about her sister’s shady past and also trying to resist falling in love with the owners son, Joe DeCurtis who is a local police detective.



The plot is engaging. Mary Kay Andrews is great at her craft as always. This time the characters in “The Newcomer,” vs “Sunset Beach,” are more likeable. The chemistry between Joe and Letty is excellent. I also liked Joe’s sister Isabelle and how she helps Letty try to figure out why Evan killed her sister Tanya, and figured out Tanya’s shady past and who else was involved. Maya is an adorable 4 year old girl. Ava the owner and Joe and Isabelle’s mother is the sweet grandmother type towards Maya and though she’s a bit too trusting she’s got a kind soul. Theres shocking twists and turns and the ending was beautiful. I could also picture the beach the hotel and what the characters look like.



There wasn’t much that I disliked. There might have been bits that seemed as though it was dragging on a bit, other than that I really enjoyed the book.




Overall I enjoyed the book. It definitely has gotten me in the summer and beach mood. I can’t wait to read more from Mary Kay Andrews.