The Midnight Garden

The Midnight Garden

Today I finished a magical debut from author Elaine Roth titled The Midnight Garden. The book mixes grief and learning to let go with magic and a second chance at romance. For two years Hope has been dealing with the loss of her husband Brandon and battles grief and guilt and she feels the town either gossiping about her or feeling pity for her. When Hope meets Will a screenwriter returning back home they become kindred spirits. Will like Hope is an oddball. A third character Maeve is an eccentric woman who makes healing teas and communes with the dead. The town including Will thinks she’s a fake. Both Hope and Will are imperfect but wonderful characters hoping for healing and forgiveness from others and themselves maybe out of this comes a second chance at love for Hope?


Pros & Cons

I loved everything about the book from the descriptive writing, the magic, the themes and the characters. I like that one chapter was from Hope’s perspective and the other chapter is from Will’s perspective and it flows very well within the story. I did think it was ridiculous and hypocritical that Hope was annoyed that Will didn’t tell her he was coming back to run the inn, but yet he wasn’t allowed to get annoyed when she didn’t bother to tell him she’s a widow. It’s like Hope you two just met and you really weren’t in the mood to give the guy your life story either. I liked the wise lady Maeve she was a gentle soul while at the same time telling it like it is.



Overall if you enjoy books that deal with grief, change, second chance at love with a little tough of magic I recommend this The Midnight Garden by Elaine Roth coming out on November 7th! If you don’t have an early copy now, preorder the book. Thank you Elaine for such a beautiful story.