The Love Scribe

The Love Scribe

Two days ago I finished one of the best books of 2023 titled, “The Love Scribe,” by Amy Meyerson. “The Love Scribe,” is about a woman named Alice who writes a short story for her best friend Gabby who is going through an awful break up. The short story as if by magic helps Gabby meet the man of her dreams. Gabby shares Alice’s story with her sister and then her sister shares it with other people and then everyone is falling in love. Alice stumbles upon her career calling and calls herself the “Love Scribe”. Alice is struggling to write a story for one client named Madeline Alger and Alice has to confront her own resistance to love.



I love the plot and I love the characters. The writing was so descriptive I was immediately hooked into the novel and the writing. I also like the fact that the story is original. It’s not a recycled plot used twenty different times. It was my first time reading from Amy Meyerson and I know I’m going to read more from her. While not every love story ends the way you expected, the point is it gives people the courage to fall in love instead of being closed off from love.



The story I felt could have been a little shorter. It felt long winded at times.




Overall this was a great novel. If you don’t have netgalley or if you’re not a blogger getting books early, I would suggest pre-ordering “The Love Scribe,” now. “The Love Scribe,” will be available on February 7th 2023. Thank you Amy Meyerson for writing this gem. Thank you Leah Morse for sending me an early copy.