The Little Shop of Found Things

The Little Shop of Found Things

The Little Shop of Found Things is a first book  in a new series that has history, magic and time travel. Not only is the cover beautiful, but so is the story. The story takes place in Marlborough England, Xanthe Westlake and her mother Flora move to Marlborough from London to make a fresh start and open an antique shop. Xanthe has this gift that when she touches antiques they whisper to her and she senses the stories of their pasts. Xanthe finds this silver chatelaine which starts off the whole plot of the story. This Chatelaine transports Xanthe to the early 17th century. Xanthe has to fix a wrong that was done to a woman named Alice. If Xanthe fails to help Alice, the ghost of Alice’s mother, Margaret Merton will kill Xanthe’s mother Flora in the present. Xanthe gets help from a handsome architect named Samuel Applebee which makes it harder for Xanthe to want to leave. I started this book on Saturday when it came in the mail and finished reading last night. I am now reading the sequel Secrets of the Chocolate House. This book is one of those that will keep you up at night.



Xanthe is the main protagonist and one of my favorite characters. Xanthe is very selfless and she cares about her mother Flora and cares about doing whats right. With a vengeful ghost being a source of constant worry, an ex boyfriend who framed her for his crime, and her father leaving her mother for a younger woman Xanthe doesn’t let any of this stop her.


Flora is the second main character and Xanthe’s mother. Flora doesn’t wallow in self-pity after her husband and Xanthe’s father left her. Flora is also not afraid to speak her mind but is friendly at the same time.


Margaret Merton is the vengeful ghost. Margaret isn’t a full on villain but I wouldn’t consider her a hero either. She threatens Xanthe with killing her mother if Xanthe doesn’t help Alice or if she fails.


Samuel Applebee is the handsome architect and male lead in the story. He and Xanthe have good chemistry and he’s eager to do the right thing. He also uses his talents to help save lives. I won’t tell you what that is you’ll have to find that out on your own.


Liam is a guy that befriends Xanthe and Flora early on in the book. He helps Xanthe when she has to quickly travel to the present despite him not knowing why.



I knew this was something I would like, but I didn’t realize I would be hooked into this series and I’m so glad my grandmother ordered the second book Secrets of the Chocolate House. This series is perfect for fans of the Outlander books and tv series. I liked the fact that it touched on the persecution of Catholics during the early 17th century especially since I’m Catholic myself. 



There wasn’t much that I disliked about this book. I only wish that we had seen more of Xanthe and Sameul’s relationship develop, I also wish this book was longer. Theres a famous quote by Jane Austen that sums up my feelings, “If a book is well written I always find it too short.”



Overall this book gets an A from me. Whether you are a fan of historical fantasies similar to Outlander, or if you are looking for a new series to read, pick this book up. I promise you won’t regret it. Happy reading everyone!