The Lincoln Highway

The Lincoln Highway

Today I finished another wonderful story by Amor Towles called “The Lincoln Highway.” “The Lincoln Highway,” takes place in 1954 the main character eighteen year old Emmett Watson is driven home to Nebraska by the warden of the juvenile work farm where he served fifteen months for involuntary manslaughter. Emmett is ready to make a fresh start with his eight year old brother Billy and head to California. When the warden drives off Emmett discovers two of his friends from the work farm Duchess and Wooly snuck out and hid in the warden’s car. Duchess and Wooly steal Emmett’s car and head to New York and Emmett and Billy have to follow them all the way to New York City and they embark on an epic adventure. The novel takes place during the course of ten days and there’s multiple points of view from different characters.



As I read the novel it played as though I was watching a really good movie. Most of the characters were likeable and I enjoyed reading their points of view. I like the time period and the setting. This novel is a love letter for those who love travel and road trips. By the time I have my own children and grandchildren this novel will be a famous classic. One of my favorite characters I think is Billy he’s an inquisitive intelligent little boy who loves books. I thought it was adorable when he read to Ulysses famous stories and compared his story to the Ulysses/Odysseus from The Odyssey.



I didn’t like the fact that when different characters were speaking to one another there were the dashes. I would rather when different characters speaking to use quotation marks. The ending I’m not sure what to think of it honestly. It felt slightly out of place.




Overall I enjoyed the novel. I knew I would like it after I read “A Gentlemen in Moscow.” I can’t wait to read more from him. Most reviews of “The Lincoln Highway,” were positive there were also of course negative reviews too saying that it wasn’t as good as “A Gentlemen in Moscow,” and “Rules of Civility.” Though really “The Lincoln Highway,” was its own story and I don’t think you can compare it Towles’s previous novels. If you love books about traveling this novel is for  you.