The Lincoln Highway Movie Adaptation

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The Lincoln Highway Movie Adaptation

I am a huge fan of Amor Towels whose books A Gentleman In Moscow & The Lincoln Highway. If you are a fan of the author like I am, what I’m about to share with you will make your day. As I scrolled through Instagram I came across a post from Amor Towels. We are getting a movie adaptation of The Lincoln Highway. Below are his own words!


I’m thrilled that Chris Storer, creator of THE BEAR, will be writing and directing the feature film of my novel THE LINCOLN HIGHWAY at @wbpictures . The “Fishes” episode of The Bear may be my favorite hour of television ever! – I’m looking at you @jamieleecurtis .


In response to his post, I wrote this and of course he & eight others liked my comment.


Ooh how exciting! The book is a masterpiece and I hope he does the movie justice!


The Lincoln Highway by Amor Towels is about eighteen-year-old Emmett Watson. Emmett never expected that after being taken home from the warden after serving fifteen months for manslaughter that his life was about to change. As Emmett & his eight-year-old brother Elliot are about to make a new start to go to California, Emmett discovers his friends from the work farm Duchess & Wooly hid in the warden’s car and are on the run. Duchess & Wooly steal Emmett’s car and head to New York.

Now Emmett & Elliot are on a quest to retrieve the car & embark on an adventure. I love the book because it is a love letter for all of us who enjoy adventure, road trips and travel. The book is from several different points of view. Even though the book is 500 plus pages, it doesn’t feel like the book is that long because it is so good!

 With A Gentleman In Moscow becoming a mini-series, & now The Lincoln Highway getting a movie adaptation I am very excited! I know I will be watching both film versions of the books. You can also expect me to do a book vs movie/television adaptation for both books as well. I can’t wait to see Amor Towel’s classic works come to life on the screen! I will update everyone when I know more.