The Letters We Keep

The Letters We Keep

Freshman & aspiring engineer Jessie Ahuja learn about the university legend which is about the haunted history of Davidson Tower, where it was rumored more than fifty years ago, two lovers from different worlds disappeared in a devastating fire. Ravi Kumar is from a wealthy family whose charming personality takes up too much space in Jessie’s head. Jessie finds letters from the lost lovers in a hallowed out copy of Persuasion by Jane Austen. The letters reveal a mystery of the lost lovers. Jessie & Ravi work together to piece together what happened and hopefully they get a happily ever after of their own too.


Story, Writing & Characters

The story about love in the past and the present with letters obviously hooks me in. I love how descriptive the writing is, & there’s a bit of a mystery trying to piece together what happened. Jessie & Ravi grow a lot throughout the novel. Jessie learns to stop worrying about their class differences & to stop judging Ravi from the wealthy family he comes from. Ravi learns that he can’t live his life to please others or compromise halfway all the time. Ravi speaks to me. I think many of us can relate to Ravi, feeling as though we had to put our happiness aside to please others. The epilogue was my favorite.



If you don’t have an early copy of The Letters We Keep, pre-order the book coming out on May 7th of this year! Thank you so much Nisha Sharma for the beautiful story & for the Q&A.