The Latecomer Adaptation!

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The Latecomer Adaptation

Everywhere I turn more book adaptations are happening which makes it a good thing because Hollywood desperately needs originality in the worst way. This newest adaptation is based on Jean Hanff Koretliz’s upcoming novel “The Latecomer,” coming out May 31st.  I had gotten this information from seeing the author post a screenshot from The Hollywood Reporter in her instagram stories. According to my source, The Latecomer centers on the Oppenheimer family Harrison, Lewyn, and Sally who, despite being born as triplets, feel now strong familial bond and are determined to go their separate ways and escape one another. However when their parents welcome a fourth Oppenheimer sibling, Phoebe, the fractured family’s world is turned upside down as their family “latecomer” has an impact on their lives.

 This isn’t the first time Jean Hanff Korelitz’s novels are being adapted. In 2020 HBO adapted Korelitz’s novel, “You Should Have Known,” as a limited series and named the show The Undoing. In 2021 Hollywood had gotten the rights to Korelitz’s novel “The Plot,” which will star Mahershala Ali as Jacob Finn Bonner. As of right now I don’t know which streaming network will have “The Plot,” or “The Latecomer.” I do know this, I am excited about reading “The Latecomer,” on May 31. I know it’s one of the many books on my to be read list.