The Last Time She Saw him

The Last Time She Saw Him

It’s summertime in New York City, but Katherine “Kiki” Reed isn’t in the sunny mood. Kiki recently broke off her engagement to Jamie Larsson, who’s a great guy just not her guy and while she knows it’s for the best, she feels guilty for breaking his heart. When Kiki is invited to go to a close friend’s party at her summer house in Connecticut, Kiki excepts. Jamie will be there, but Kiki doesn’t let that stop her. Their interaction post break up is brief and slightly awkward. That would be the last time Kiki sees him alive as Jamie is found dead in his car from a gunshot wound. The police rule it as a suicide, but Kiki knows Jamie wouldn’t kill himself. Kiki is determined to find the truth, no matter the cost to her own life.


Story, Writing, Characters & Pacing  

The story is your typical mystery story. A suicide that isn’t really a suicide and a lead character determined to get to the bottom of what happened. The writing was decent. I like the fact that the story was from Kiki’s point of view and was being told in the first-person narrative. I initially didn’t like Sam at first for how cold he was to her, but he did warm up a little bit. I like the potential romance between Kiki & Sam, even if how they got together was rather morbid. I did feel that the pacing was rather slow, and I did find myself bored at times. I give credit that the big reveal about the killer surprised us and thank goodness it wasn’t going to be predictable. Unfortunately, though, how the reveal was well revealed was disappointing. I guess I was expecting to be more excited about it. That’s not to say I hated this book, but would I buy this book? Nope!




Overall if you enjoy mysteries and you love the author Kate White, then pick it up. It’s not on par with other mysteries I read in the past but its not the worst The Last Time She Saw Him will be released on May 14th of this year!