The Last Applicant

The Last Applicant

Audrey Singer has the highest position anyone can dream of, she’s the admissions director of an exclusive Manhattan Private School. Parents will do anything to get their children in by catering to her whims. Her marriage is perfect. So Audrey has the perfect life. So it seems… Sara Price whose vulnerable and neurotic is determined to get her son Eli into the schools coveted kindergarten class. Sarah tests boundaries and inserts herself in Sarah’s world to the point where it becomes stalker like. Both women have secrets to hide that will rise to the surface if unchecked. Megan Beatie was kind enough to mail me the early copy of The Last Applicant by Rebecca Hannover coming out on October 24th and it is worth the read.


Pros & Cons

I like the story and I like the characters especially Audrey and Sarah who I initially didn’t like at first but they both grew on me. The writing is vivid and descriptive especially of the Manhattan setting. There were twists and turns that you didn’t expect which is what makes this mystery a good one. I think the only complaint I had was it dragged a bit but thank goodness it got back to being exciting again in the end.




Overall this book was worth the read. If you don’t have an early copy of The Last Applicant by Rebecca Hanover, you won’t have to wait too long. Pre-order the book coming out on October 24th. Thank you Megan Beatie for the early copy. Thank you Rebecca for writing this tale full of twists and turns. I look forward to our Q&A!