The Keeper of Hidden Books

The Keeper of Hidden Books

Last night I finished reading Madeline Martin’s latest novel The Keeper of Hidden Books on Netgalley. The Keeper of Hidden Books takes place in World War II Poland and the main characters are two best friends Zofia and Janina both young women who have the most important thing in common, books! Everything changes when the Nazi’s invade Poland. They loot and destroy Warsaw the capital and Zofia and Janina know that now books are in danger. Zofia does everything she can to save her best friend, other people in need as well. Zofia’s biggest act of defiance is having a secret book club reading books that Hitler and his thugs are trying to destroy, as well as hiding the books in a secret warehouse.



What makes this book important is it touches on something that many don’t talk about, the destroying of books. What non-book readers don’t understand is, once you destroy a book you destroy a culture and that’s why Zofia and her friends are so desperate to save the books the Nazis want burned. I also was surprised at some of the books the Nazis wanted burned. I’m sure it may surprise you too. I also liked how the book covered that it wasn’t just the Jews who suffered but the Nazis wanted to kill off other groups of people as well including the Poles. I also like all the characters, there wasn’t one who I disliked.



I didn’t want it to end. Though that’s the thing with stories is that they make an impact on us as well as entertaining us.




If you enjoy historical fiction novels, books about books and the power of storytelling this book is for you. I just think it is sad that this is all too relevant now with people wanting books banned. The most important lesson we can learn from this is, we must learn from history so we don’t repeat it. Thank you Madeline Martin for this important reminder, I also can’t wait to do this mini Q&A with you on this book, and why this topic is important. Thank you Netgalley for this early copy for review, if you don’t have Netgalley pre-order this gem which comes out on August 1st