The Inheritance

The Inheritance

Thirty-six-year-old Arden Moore enjoyed an affluent life thanks to her husband’s high paying job. It doesn’t last forever as a year after husband’s death Arden is living paycheck to paycheck and broke and raising her three children by herself. An unexpected phone call from an estate lawyer changes that as she could get inheritance money from her father Wallace Barclay. Wallace & Virginia, Arden’s mother had an affair years prior resulting in Arden’s birth and then Wallace dies. Virginia fought for Arden to get her part of the inheritance. The book goes between the present and the past.


Writing, Story & Characters

The story did pique my interests. I did like the fact that Arden realized what really makes a family isn’t always blood. I liked when she said, “Hal you’re my father,” Despite the fact that he is her stepfather. While the story sounded interesting the writing and something about the story didn’t grab me. Then again, I guess that’s what happens with books. Sometimes what you think you’d enjoy you don’t and other things you wouldn’t think you’d like you like. I also didn’t think any of the characters were all that great either.




Overall, this might be for you if you’re a fiction reader. It just wasn’t for me. The Inheritance by Joanna Goodman will be released this month on March 12th