The Hint Of Light

The Hint Of Light

In the wake of Kyle Dobrescu’s death, his mother Margaret struggles to keep it together during her grief and her guilt. Margaret blames herself for Kyle’s alcoholism and eventual death. Soon after Kyle’s death Margaret finds out that Kyle had a daughter making Margaret her granddaughter. Margaret is now on a quest to find the granddaughter she never knew, but she never counted on the secrets that she has kept for many years will rise to the surface and possibly destroy them.


Pros & Cons

I like that the book is from three different views Margaret, Ally (Kyles Daughter) and Kyle himself before he died. I also like how the family is Catholic and the priest told Margaret that secrets don’t always help and that they can tear you apart. Keep in mind there is sexual assault that happens at one point. I liked the ending but the epilogue I felt didn’t match the rest of the story in my eyes. This book isn’t an easy one to read but it’s about grief, family and healing which is important.




Overall it was a decent read. If you don’t have a netgalley or physical copy of The Hint Of Light, by Kristin Kisska, preorder it so you get it on August 29th