The Head That Wears The Crown

The Head That Wears The Crown

I was privileged and honored that Mariah Stewart and her publicist sent me an early copy of her book The Head That Wears The Crown so I could do a Behind The Book Q&A with Mariah Stewart. Annaliese Gilberti a divorced single mother of two finds out shocking news. Annaliese’s grandmother was the exiled ruler of a small European country Saint Gilbert and Annaliese is next in line as the grand duchess. Annaliese falls in love with the villagers who look as though they haven’t aged despite claiming they are decades older. Annaliese also falls in love with Maxamillian the captain of the guard. Annaliese never walks away from a challenge and is determined to be the ruler the country needs.



I love the world building of Saint Gilbert I imagined that I was there myself as I read the book. I also like the main character of Annaliese and her sisters and children and the love interest. This seems to be a Princess Diaries fan fiction but done right.



I think the book could have been shorter in my opinion as it seemed in some points not a whole lot was going on. It also seemed implausible that this country would have no hotels.




Overall if you’re a royal nut, if you love modern day fairytales with some fluff, and you’re into books where Americans find out they’re royals (Princess Diaries and Tokyo Ever After) you will enjoy this one. Thank you Mariah Stewart and her publicist for the early copy. Pre-order The Head That Wears The Crown coming out on October 10th of this year.