The Havana Librarian

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The Havana Librarian

On social media New York Times Bestselling author of historical fiction, Chanel Cleeton posted about her 2024 release of her next book The Havana Librarian. The blurb has me excited and I can’t wait to find out when in 2024 it’ll be released. I read one of her previous books, Next Year In Havana and fell in love with it. Below is the blurb for The Havana Librarian.

Chanel Cleeton’s The Havana Librarian, is about a librarian who defies the Fidel Castro regime in Post-Revolutionary Cuba to protect a mysterious book with a legacy that spans from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present day.

I can’t wait to read this one! Not only is it historical fiction but it also seems scarily relevant in today’s world. Either certain words are being changed in classic books or books are getting banned or challenged. It’s a reminder of how important the written word is and why it’s important for these stories to be told.