The Golden Spoon

The Golden Spoon

On Saturday I started the novel The Golden Spoon by Jessa Maxwell and finished reading it at midnight. The Golden Spoon is about Betsy Martin, the host of a baking show titled Bake Week. 6 aspiring bakers go on the show hoping to win the competition and the coveted prizes including the golden spoon. Behind the scenes Betsy Martin is not the warm grandmotherly figure that she is on tv. Betsy is actually cold as ice. This season things go awry. There’s sabotage where sugar is replaced with salt, the burner is turned up to high, to make matters worse is there’s a murder and someone on set is responsible. Although The Golden Spoon is Jessa’s debut novel, you wouldn’t know it because the way Jessa writes is as though she’s been writing mystery novels for years.



There were many twists I did not see coming. I love most of the characters though my favorite characters and their stories were Stella’s, Hannah’s and Lottie’s. I also love the Grafton estate in Vermont. It definitely gave off the vibe of it looking haunted because of it being a Victorian home. Grafton was definitely haunted by secrets. The premise was also original as its every baking show you watch on the Food Network mixed with mysteries such as Only Murders In The Building, Agatha Christie & The Magpie Murders. I have not seen an original premise like this ever. I can’t wait to see this as a limited series and who they cast to play the characters.



This novel was too short and I say this because I didn’t want it to end. I did stay up till midnight because I had to know who murdered who and how it ended.




If you enjoy baking competition shows and you enjoy who done it mystery novels, you have to pick up The Golden Spoon. Thank you Falon Kirby for sending me an early copy of the novel. Thank you Jessa Maxwell for writing this gem and for doing a Q&A with me. Thank you Tim O’ Connell for connecting me with your lovely wife so we could do the Q&A and read this novel a month early. If you don’t have Netgalley and you don’t have an early copy of The Golden Spoon pre-order it now. The Golden Spoon comes out on March 7th